Watch and join discussion on the future of cities

April 18 2008 / by cyrusbryan / In association with Future
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This is one of the best slide shows, if not the best, that I have seen on the web.

Richard Saul Wurman, founder of TED, has decided to launch a think tank to study the challenges and potential opportunities that connect with the surge in city populations worldwide (hence the name 192021: 19 cities studied with populations of 20 million or more in the 21st century)

Foster: Green is the New Red White and Blue

April 13 2008 / by Antonio Manfredi / In association with Future
Category: Environment   Year: General   Rating: 6 Hot

This is a great 30 minute video featuring Sir Norman Foster, one of the preeminent architects of our age, that brings us up to speed on many of the intertwining issues within the ecological agenda, the defining issue of our generation. From the perspective of the design process, Foster discusses how green design is producing the iconic products of our age. He takes it a step further by discussing the interconnection of buildings, cities, and sustainability.

It nicely summarizes the problems we face today coupled with potential solutions, by one of the greatest designers of our time. Showing how technology and computers can assist in green design, Foster describes how we must look to technology to move forward the most important work of our age. (cont.)

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Incredible Data Visualization of the Allosphere

October 07 2009 / by Jeff Hilford
Category: Technology   Year: 2009   Rating: 3

Check out this stunning video of inventor JoAnn Kuchera-Morinis demonstrating the Allosphere at the last TED conference.   The Allosphere is a 3 story high chamber that allows researchers to stand in the middle of incredible visual and sonic representations of their data.  Complex algorithms are powered by a super-computer to bring data to life in breakthrough fashion.

One can imagine many uses for this technology and it is a good example of one way the scientific discovery process will accelerate in the near future.

[Video] Juan Enriquez on the Dawn of the Man-Machine Meld - Homo Evolutis

February 27 2009 / by Jeff Hilford / In association with Future
Category: Economics   Year: Beyond   Rating: 2

Juan Enriquez' recent presentation at TED juxtaposes the accelerating world financial crisis against the backdrop of the longer term, more profound changes in robotics, biology and genetics. For the former, he suggests that we work longer before receiving social security and not get too tied up in the current morass that we lose track of the incredible advances in the latter. With regard to this he says we are beginning to evolve into a new species - "Homo Evolutis - Hominids that take direct and deliberate control over the evolution of their species...and others." This is not a new meme though it seems to be gaining traction and is popping up more frequently these days. Our ability to manipulate and integrate technology into our very beings will no doubt be one of the hot button issues of the next decade.

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