Teenager Gets Fried in Electro-suit

April 02 2008 / by Cronos / In association with Future Blogger.net
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TechnoTraveller, the Tokyo company that was making furor on the stock markets for the last months has recalled all of its 12 million Electro-suits after a teenager was found dead in a Tokyo park. The unfortunate youngster’s solar electro-suit, while powering his laptop, cell phone, iZune and Thermo-sweater malfunctioned and directed all the sun-powered energy to the Thermo-sweater. Built-in feedback systems that should have prevented such an event did not work appropriately and the Thermo-sweater function will from now on be disabled in the product, a TechnoTraveller spokesperson declared in a company press bulletin.

The company’s hot selling item was the driving force behind TechnoTraveller’s dethroning of Google as Wall Street’s darling finding a need for cheap power on the road to fuel all electronic portable devices and warming people in cold climates by using high-efficient solar fuel cells weaved into a suit. TechnoTraveller stocks plummeted by more than 55%. The press bulletin further stated that although the recall will decrease profits and losing the Thermo-sweater feature will impact sales, there is no need for panic by shareholders and the future of solar clothing is still looking bright. The Tokyo coroner performing the autopsy is still trying to establish whether the cause of death was sixth-degree burns or electrocution.

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Get a Mobile Fuel-Cell Charger For All of Your Gadget Charging Needs

December 11 2008 / by John Heylin
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MTI MicroFuel Cells, a division of MTI, has a prototype portable fuel cell battery which it hopes to release by the end of 2009.  "This compact and light weight fuel cell charger comes with a removable cartridge that can be swapped for a new one when depleted. Each additional cartridge gives consumers another 25 Watt-hours of power."  25 Watt-hours of power translates to 10 cellphone charges or 100 hours of video on a portable video player like the iPhone. 

The device itself runs on 100% methanol fuel which isn't surprising since you can buy methanol for .47 cents a gallon.  The Mobion chip used in the device has a new design architecture that "embodies a reduction in the size, complexity, and cost of fuel cell construction."  With fuel cells currently available at astronomical prices, it will be interesting to see how much they've cut the cost off their product.

Full MTI press release here.

Portable filter carts

April 09 2014 / by Y2kfluidpower / In association with Future Blogger.net
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Portable filter carts - Y2K Fluid Power is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We are an operating division of Dakota Fluid Power, Inc.

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