'Make Your Own' Augmented Reality Media Comes to Google Earth

February 18 2009 / by Garry Golden / In association with Future Blogger.net
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The day when anyone can create a stunning 3D Augmented Reality simulation is getting closer.  Last month, General Electric's innovative AR media campaign to promote its 'Smart Grid' platform helped to push Augmented Reality out into the masses by giving users a chance to try it at home using a printable marker download and webcam.

Now Digital Urban has featured a new Google Earth Plug-in and Printable Marker download developed by InGlobe Technologies.  The company has expanded its Augmented Reality Media software beyond Google Sketchup into the increasingly 'mirror world'-esque Google Earth.   Downloads are available on the company's ARSights

See GE's Smart Grid Augmented Reality Campaign

GE Plug into the Smart Grid campaign


InGlobe - YouTube Video

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