IPhone Dreamin' and DIY

December 29 2008 / by Jeff Hilford
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I mentioned in my post yesterday that we were moving towards a time when the powers that be that influence tech Zeitgeist are seeing their reach and effect increase in a profound fashion.  One manifestation of this can be seen in the nimble teams of developers that are and will assemble to make a proposed or roughly designed product or prototype quickly.  This coincides closely with the trend towards DIY and making.  In this post by leading gadget blog Gizmodo, they lay out a mock-up of a next generation Iphone.  The Dream IPhone Pro basically combines the features people would like to see most in today's personal communicators - a Blackberry style qwerty keyboard combined with the full size touch screen beauty and facility of the Iphone  (plus a couple of other requisite additions such as wholesale improvement of camera/video).  It's a pretty simple idea and one that would satisfy a lot of folks (me included).  As a result, there are probably a bunch of people tearing apart Iphones, Blackberry's and Nokias as we speak trying to create a hack.

There are certainly obstacles to this movement - primarily the corporate monoliths themselves, not to mention the ability to refine and scale these types of hardware hacks.   But as we continue to see design and production come together at the forward edges of culture this may quickly become the norm.  This type of of innovation will benefit companies that are able to provide the "finishing" services.  We're already seeing companies listening and interacting far more with their customers and this concept takes it one step further and ultimately seems to be in service to everyone.

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