Mintpass Promises to Give The Nano a Run For Its Money

November 05 2008 / by John Heylin
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While you were pounding a few beers back last night, a Korean company unleashed a product into the world that may give the iPod Nano a run for its money. Dubbed the Mintpass, this little guy (only the size of your palm and weighing only 3.2 ounces) has Wi-Fi capabilities, plays music, can chat, blog, function as a post-it and even surf the internet. Did I mention it has a 1.3M camera? Or a speaker and microphone? How about video capability and 4GB of space (on top of an 8GB microSD slot). Think of it as a Nano on steroids. Demo video here.

Will we be seeing it anytime soon?

Like most great technology in the Pacific rim, it may be some time before a US model is released. By that time, who knows, maybe Apple will have gotten it’s crap together and can mount a formidable force against the “Korean Menace.” I’m not crossing my fingers.

If this gadget manages to take off, what it could mean is that we may soon be seeing more and more technology that doesn’t rely on the Internet for surfing but just for communication. The screen on the Mintpass is way too small for efficient web surfing, and yet everything you need is in it. Chat, blog, notes, pictures, video and drawing. If you can link directly to sites like Flickr or Wordpress, why do you need a browser if that’s all you want?

If there’s one thing smart phone applications have shown us, it’s that browsing the web may soon be an antiquated way of communication. Provide direct links to your services and your company will grow.

via Pocketables and Endgaget

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  1. Interesting little gadget. I like the design too, maybe even better than the ipond touch. This post got quite a few comments on reddit. Apparently the ipod touch has a lot of the features you mention and is pretty light. Do you know if the interface is any good?

    I also agree that browsing may give way on the mobile web to aps and widgets—maybe it has already.

    Posted by: Mielle Sullivan   November 06, 2008
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