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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ten Tech Gadgets that We Want for Christmas

December 24 2008 / by christinep
Category: Gadgets   Year: 2008   Rating: 6 Hot

christmas pac man tree

Christmas is literally right around the corner.  And while it might be too late to get those gifts that the kids and grown-ups are longing for, it doesn’t hurt to think about that dream list.  So here it is, ten gadgets that we would have screamed for.  Maybe they’re underneath the tree waiting to be opened on Christmas morning or they’re still sitting in-store on the shelf, anyway it’s still fun to think of all the tech gadgets that we hope we’ll receive.

1.    Flip Video Mino HD: The holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without capturing memories of the season of giving.  Instead of looking back on hazy footage of the kids opening their gifts, why not look back on high definition quality footage?
2.    USB Mini Fridge: It’s a long day of sitting at your computer putting together the annual Christmas card.  What better way to ease that neck cramp with nice cold can of soda?  If the weather too cold for a soda, how bout a nice hot chocolate?  With a USB mini fridge, you can keep your drink cold or warm to your specific liking without getting up to get more ice or putting your cup in the microwave.
3.    Apple iPhone: We all know that iPod Touch is a tease to the iPhone.  Sure, you can get the application that allows you to use the Touch as a phone, but you have to have WiFi and a microphone connected.  It’s just not the same.

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RoboClam — Revolutionary New Anchor Mimics Nature

December 04 2008 / by christinep
Category: Technology   Year: 2008   Rating: 4 Hot


RoboClam.  The name merely conjures up an image of a robotic clam skidding along the ocean floor at top driving speeds.  But upon closer examination, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Picture a ship anchor in the shape of an oblong razor clam the size of a cigarette.  According to Anette Hosoi of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  “it turns out that clams are actually very fast diggers.”  Seems like researchers are increasingly finding answers in nature.

How does it work?
The RoboClam uses its namesake to embed itself in the sand which enables the anchor to hold it’s place.  It vibrates in order to turn surrounding mud into liquid.  Its jaws then spread open, allowing a mechanical "feeler" to push down further into the ground.  The hope is to eventually build one which can dig down up to three feet.

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With Hi-Tech Devices, Radio Doesn't Have to be a Dying Medium

November 12 2008 / by christinep
Category: Technology   Year: 2008   Rating: 4 Hot

The Mp3 format has defined the digital age. No more are the days of people carrying their Sony Walkman listening to the ubiquitous morning show or crazy afternoon DJs during those long commutes. Pretty much the only time people listen to radio now is when they are stuck in their car. Today people have their earphones plugged into their iPod, drifting around and ignoring the world around them.

What if those people you see aren’t listening to an iPod?

The person pulls out the pocket-size device and starts to fiddle around with the buttons. You catch a glimpse of it and wonder: “Some crazy company still makes radio gadgets?” Apparently, yes there are.

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The iPhone's Plan to Beat Google on it's Home Turf with new Street View Update

October 29 2008 / by christinep / In association with Future
Category: Technology   Year: 2008   Rating: 5 Hot

Google Android has one of the best features designed for Google maps. Makes sense, doesn’t it? But while the newly released Android is getting all the hype in the news as of late, it seems Apple isn’t going to let Google get away with that title just yet. With the software 2.2 update, the iPhone will now support Google Street View as well as mass transit directions. With this feature, people will be able to view their actual surroundings so they can get a better sense of where they need to go. The mass transit feature is especially helpful for those who commute on a daily basis and need to catch those buses on time.

It wasn’t too long ago that a map was the confused traveler’s staple — you’d stare at it for what seemed like hours, dimly aware of your orientation or distances, unable to fold it back into it’s designed shape.

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Ten Retro Tech Toys that Resurrect Your Childhood

October 28 2008 / by christinep
Category: Gadgets   Year: General   Rating: 10 Hot

VHS, tape decks, wood paneling, oh my! The past conjures up warm memories that are greatly associated with chocolate-chip cookies and watching Saturday morning cartoons. These gadgets should be able to bring up a memory cloud a la Wile E. Coyote. So whoever thought that VHS tapes would just disappear into the night, they were sadly mistaken.

1. M21 Flat Panel TV: With the mixture of old-school flair and modern technology, this Brady Bunch-esque flat screen TV will be a highly coveted tech toy among the retro and TV fans alike. You could watch your favorite Brady Bunch episode, hint – the episode where Greg and Marcia were both running for class president, on a TV that highly resembles said time period.

2. Touch Screen Boom-box PC: Do you remember hanging out after school? All of your friends sitting around the boom-box after basketball or volleyball practice listening to the four at four. It was just the thing to do. The boom-box revolutionized a generation and now it has been integrated into the digital-age. This 80’s staple features an LCD screen and runs a Linux/Windows dual boot.

3. NES TV Remote Control: Growing up, the Nintendo system was the must-have system for every video-game enthusiast. This NES controller turned TV remote is a retro-gamers’ dream. It combined their two true loves, old-school video game systems and tech toys.

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The Sitcom may be a Dying Breed, so What Does the Future Hold for TV?

October 19 2008 / by christinep / In association with Future
Category: Technology   Year: General   Rating: 6 Hot

With web and interface technology advancing rapidly, the television medium is quickly approaching a new age in which sitting on the couch facing a screen will no longer be the most popular way to consume broadcast content.

Long gone are the days when everyone would crowd around the television at 9:00pm every Thursday night to catch the latest Seinfeld episode.

According to the Nielsen ratings, it appears the annual new season blitz that once drew in more than 20 million viewers is on the decline. Among the top ten shows of the first week of premieres were Dancing with the Stars and Grey’s Anatomy. Each received respective numbers of about 20 million and 18 million viewers as compared to over 25 million just 5 years ago.

So what’s the reason for this sharp drop? Some have speculated that last year’s writers’ strike had pushed people to the cable networks. Other contributing factors include the increasing abundance of cable channels and time-shifted viewing.

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